Coping during COVID19 – It’s okay to feel

I've been quiet of late. This is because I've been spending lots of time on me. At the start of the COVID 19 pandemic I felt extremely anxious and overwhelmed. Along with the global pandemic,  someone close to me in my family was diagnosed with cancer. It's been a lot to cope with. I have good… Continue reading Coping during COVID19 – It’s okay to feel

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Dying Matters. What is your funeral song?

Next week is dying matters week and I've been inspired to write a blog! Every year in May, LOROS (my local Leicester based hospice) hosts Dying Matters Week, a national awareness-raising week to encourage people everywhere to talk openly about death, dying and bereavement. You can find more information and lots of resources through this link.  I… Continue reading Dying Matters. What is your funeral song?


Why Florence Nightingale was awesome.

It's fast approaching May 12th - International Nurses Day and of course Florence Nightingales birthday! I'm not going to talk about her lamp. She was so much more than just 'the lady with the lamp'. Florence was an amazing lady. She is obviously well known as the founder of modern nursing but if you dig… Continue reading Why Florence Nightingale was awesome.