Why Florence Nightingale was awesome.

It's fast approaching May 12th - International Nurses Day and of course Florence Nightingales birthday! I'm not going to talk about her lamp. She was so much more than just 'the lady with the lamp'. Florence was an amazing lady. She is obviously well known as the founder of modern nursing but if you dig… Continue reading Why Florence Nightingale was awesome.


Nursing Ignition

Dani talks about losing her love to nurse but how the right people around her have sparked her love of nursing again.

Surround yourself with amazing people and you can do amazing things.


So on Friday I went to London and met with some amazing new and old friends.

The great thing about the fab ambassador family is no matter how low you get, they will throw you in the air and ensure your back ready to fight again.

Not so long ago I lost the love to nurse, for many reasons, but because I felt so disempowered to help make patients care the best it could, but also made me unable to make the changes that I feel could benefit them.

Now in a new role, new trust and having caught up with the family, I am ready to fight again, they have reignited my spark to love nursing again, love making the differences possible and most importantly show how great of a nurse I really want to be.

Randomly we were on the train down and began chatting to a couple…

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Relaxation – Baths are the best.

I remember a lecturer at university saying to me 'I'm a big believer in baths. If you ever have a problem, or need to mull something over -take a bath. In fact I've rarely been in a situation that's not been made better by a bath." This guy really loved baths. He definitely loved baths… Continue reading Relaxation – Baths are the best.


Go on – try something new! If you fail, celebrate.

Our quiz night has been cancelled this bank holiday weekend. We go every Sunday and I love it. It's always guaranteed to cheer me up, full of lots of laughs and valuable friend time. It's got me thinking. I saw a post today from @kennygibsonNHS saying: "Be brave enough to be bad at something new" https://twitter.com/kennygibsonnhs/status/1119800648982323200… Continue reading Go on – try something new! If you fail, celebrate.


Post night shift thoughts on what nursing will look like in 50 years!

Feel free to think I'm crazy. After all, I am writing this blog post night shift. I was thinking today about scientific and medical developments and wondering what will nursing and medicine look like in 50 years? Things change so quickly and things that we did 50 years ago would be frowned upon now and… Continue reading Post night shift thoughts on what nursing will look like in 50 years!